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Part journal, online magazine, and blog, Voyages is a visual and literary space that aims to serve as a creative educational and cultural tool for students and lovers of the Africana World. At large, this project hopes to document and celebrate lesser known histories and experiences around the world. Here, we embark on an exploration of Africana Studies and Culture via a digital hub that supports emerging and established essayists, critical theorists, ethnographers, artists, and activists, while engaging the diverse social, cultural and political narratives that animate life in the Africana World.


Youssef Carter, Ph.D. (Editor-In-Chief)

Editorial Team:

Fatima Seck, Gabriel Wadford, Edwin Leech, Camryn Turner, Maya Doig-Acuna, Najha Zigbi-Johnson, Daniel Foster, Massiel Torres, Feven Yohannes, Zoë Hopkins, Chelsea Offiaeli.